Creating Celebration

We are the party perfectionist decorates, life is a party event, lets us plan for your movements


We “3 cheers” come with a great experience to provide our private and our corporate clients with a wide variety of very stylish, creative and sporting events. It’s our constant pursuit of excellent quality and styles that the whole mark “3 Cheers”. Quality is never an accident it’s always a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and most importantly skilful equation but what really comes is sharing the day, the music the food and the performance with the people who really care about, in the end, it’s not the lavishness that they remember about the party or an event it’s the warmth, fun and attention to the details, that shows that the host really cared. We “3 cheers” believe in quality without compromise and a tradition of excellence all over Dubai, which makes us different. We hope we can create a “3 cheers” event for you.

We provide performers and entertainers with a great experience for a wide range of corporate events, occasion & gathering, seasonal festival, PR and universal amusement. We have a hand full of group activities to make your event a fantastic experience. It's our skillful, innovative and friendly approach which makes us the most iconic event planner company in Dubai.

We have an exceptional crazy team to ensure that your event’s excitement is kept contented. The “3 Cheers” Specialises in offering comprehensive solutions and expertise for:

  • Opera

  • Outdoor Games